Parent (St Paul’s)

19th March, 2018

“Our boys love going to Sherpa Kids for Vacation Care and Before/After school care.  The activities are well planned, diverse and engage the boys imagination.  The range of Vacation Care activities are great.  Before School Care provides a nutritious breakfast and the boys are excited to get to school early to start the day with some fun.  They manage to get some homework done in the afternoons before we pick them up, as well as having a snack and play.  They are disappointed when we pick them up early!  As parents, we are delighted that the boys are happy to attend.  The environment is safe and secure, and familiar to both parents and children.  We don’t have to be concerned with travel to and from the site.  The most reassuring part of our experience with Sherpa Kids is that our children are with staff who know them, who we have dealt with as class teacher, and who the boys have formed a bond with.  Leaving our boys in the hands of someone we trust certainly makes it easier to juggle our work commitments and family life.”