Smallest to tallest: one of our sector’s ‘middle children’ sets the bar high for school transition

28th June, 2017 General News

The start of every school year is filled with mixed emotions for everyone involved. For our team it’s a time of anticipation, reassurance, reflection, and trepidation, as we prepare for what the new group of children joining our ranks will bring. No two kindergarten groups are the same.

For new parents it can be an extremely stressful time as they are forced to acknowledge that their little ones are not so little anymore and that they must let them go into the world to start their primary school education.

For the children it’s a time of massive stimulation, excitement, separation anxiety, and a wide range of learning challenges as they leave behind their preschool or long day care educators and friends. Sometimes it can be a traumatic experience as five year olds (and sometimes four year olds) go from being the biggest fish in a comfortable and familiar pond to one very small fish in a sea of many other fish of varying sizes, skills, temperaments, and experiences.

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