Sherpa Kids is a franchised Out of School Hours Care

8th July, 2013 General News

Sherpa Kids is a franchised Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) business which aims to establish quality, structured onsite OSHC / OOSH programs throughout Australian schools.

Programs are structured, fun, safe and educational with services that recognise and cater to the varying needs of different communities and cultural diversities. Sherpa Kids focuses on providing primary school-aged children with meaningful learning and recreational experiences that complement what they are taught during normal school hours.

After a long period of searching for the right business opportunity, Phil and Allison Paterson opened their first Sherpa Kids service in June this year.

Allison and Phil had been on the lookout for the opportunity to buy their own business for a number of years, but nothing was the perfect fit. A local newspaper article about the history of Sherpa Kids caught their eye, which led to their decision to buy the first South Australian franchise.

Allison’s successful history of working within the child care after hours industry as an OSHC Director made Sherpa Kids franchise the perfect choice. It enables her to utilise her skillset of onsite management, staff engagement and her passion to continue working with children. Phil’s corporate business experience enables him to provide administrative, financial and marketing elements to the business.

“The beauty of being part of this franchise, as opposed to being a stand-alone business is that you instantly have commercial credibility. This can take years to build from scratch, and with Sherpa Kids the reputable and credible brand and highly  advanced processes and systems have already been built for you.

The ongoing support for both the onsite element and business elements (business analysis), and constant communication with Head Office is also of great benefit. We are not alone.

“From the outset the training was informative, structured and fantastic with the whole system being very user friendly and extremely relevant to cater for all – whether you come from within the industry or from without,” Phil said.