What is the National Quality Framework?

All Sherpa Kids programs at a minimum aim to comply with all applicable laws including the National Quality Framework.

As outlined on the Australian Government website:

The National Quality Framework raises quality and drives continuous improvement and consistency in Australian Education and Care services. Established in 2012, the NQF applies to most long day care, family day care, preschool/kindergarten and outside school hours services. In order to ensure that Children get the best possible start in life, the NQF sets a consistent and high quality standard for all early childhood education and care and outside school hours care services.

The NQF is the result of an agreement between all Australian Governments to work together to provide better Educational and developmental outcomes for Children using education and care services.

Quality Education and care shapes every child’s future and lays the foundation for development and learning. The early years are critical for establishing self-esteem, resilience, healthy growth and the capacity to learn.

The National Quality Framework includes:

  • a national legislative framework that consists of the Education and Care Services National Law and Education and Care Services National Regulations.
  • the National Quality Standard, which is linked to two frameworks: Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Framework for Australia and My Time, Our Place: Framework for School Age Care in Australia.
  • an assessment and ratings system.
  • a regulatory authority in each state and territory who has primary responsibility for the approval, monitoring and quality assessment of services in their jurisdiction in accordance with the national legislative framework, and in relation to the National Quality Standard.

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), who are the national body responsible for overseeing and ensuring consistency of approach with this system.