Our Exec Team

Michael Rasmussen, General Manager

Michael RasmussenMichael Rasmussen (Mick), formerly a teacher at St Paul’s Catholic Primary School in Camden, New South Wales, has taken on the master franchise for Australia following the success of his own Sherpa Kids local franchise in Narellan, NSW.

Mick started his career in the police in New South Wales. He then managed a few small businesses before deciding that teaching was where his real interest lay. So he ditched the world of commerce and headed off to uni to obtain his teaching qualification.

He taught between 2007 and 2016. One day in 2012 he found himself on bus duty, calling out the names of pupils boarding busses for various after-school day care centres. A Year 6 boy approached Mick and asked him not to call out the name of his day care as he found it embarrassing that he had to go to a ‘pre-school’ at his age.

That was Mick’s light-bulb moment. He looked at the 12 busses that were taking children to day care centres that did not specialise in school-aged care and thought: “why can’t we do something here, on site, that is more suited to the needs and interests of our own pupils?”

A discussion with the team at Sherpa Kids sealed the deal for the school, and Mick’s relationship with Sherpa Kids developed from there.

Today Mick runs his own Sherpa Kids service in Narellan, NSW, in addition to owning the Country master franchise for Australia.



Ted Nguyen, area development manager, New South WalesTed Nguyen

Ted is an energetic and innovative project manager with expertise in delivering transformational change across a variety of business functions. He believes that effective leadership qualities are critical to career success and his professional style is based on this approach.

Ted has worked with household Australian brands like TNT Post Group and Woolworths Limited, helping to transform and streamline the logistics and operations sides of these businesses.

Most recently he was a management consultant at Logistics Bureau, a supply chain and logistics consulting firm with offices across Australia and SE Asia. He provided specialist consulting services to SMEs, delivering cost and operational benefits via the improvement of the supply chain and logistics functions.