OSHC takes a stand against bullying #NDA2018

13th March, 2018 Uncategorised

March 16 is the National Day Against Bullying and Violence. At Sherpa Kids St Paul’s our children have spent two weeks conversing with educators and their peers about the definition of bullying, why people choose to engage in bullying behaviour, how to respond to bullying and what you can do if you are bullied or if you see someone being bullied.

Educators from Sherpa Kids implemented the Australian Government’s Bullying. No Way! resources and lesson plans found on the Bullying No Way website, with a special focus on understanding that if we can recognise bullying and talk to people about it when it occurs, we will be taking a positive stand together to create safe environments for children to play and learn.

The children worked in year groups and each day over the course of two weeks they had a question put to them which they discussed, and we recorded their answers and put them up on display. The cool thing about this is that the children were seen several times approaching the wall and reading comments that they or others had made, and showed their parents and teachers who came through the service all of the great work they had been doing across the week.

Read more here: https://www.cela.org.au/2018/03/13/oshc-takes-stand-bullying-nda2018/