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Locally-owned Outside School Hours Care that is reliable, consistent and responsive

Sherpa Kids Australia works with primary schools, P&F and P&C committees and local communities to provide a full range of outside school hours care, including before school care, after school care and holiday care.

We run before and after school clubs and vacation care services in school and community facilities right across the country.

We know that good quality, affordable out of school hours care is an absolute priority for principals and parents alike. We also know that reliable, consistent and responsive before and after school care providers are hard to find. So we’ve done everything we can to build both our business and our OOSH programmes with this in mind.

We have developed a fun and flexible, engaging programme of breakfast care and after school activities that can be tailored to fit the individual requirements of schools and their curriculums.

Ours are community-focused Outside School Hours Care services, provided by local people engaging with local schools and parents.

We think the fact that Sherpa Kids OOSH services are provided and managed by local people is important. These are OOSH service providers with a significant stake in both the after school care services they provide and the communities in which they operate, with the incentive to make sure things are being done right and being done well.

It’s an approach which is working well. Sherpa Kids now provides out of school care to more than 5,000 little Aussies from 3,000 families in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and the ACT.

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